All 2018 Updates

Here you can see all the new feature releases PracticePanther developed in 2018.

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December 21, 2018

Productivity Report

  1. The Productivity Report will break down all fees collected and allow you to easily compare that to all work that was billed. 

  2. This gives you quick view of what has been billed vs. what has been collected for a given time period!

  3. For more information, click here.

December 07, 2018

Multi-Matter Invoices w/ Summaries by Matter

  1. Invoices that contain multiple matters for one contact will now be broken down by matter. 

  2. This makes invoices for clients with multiple matters very clear and easy to understand for you and your clients!

  3. For more information, click here.

November 23, 2018

Additional Options When Creating Repeating Activities

  1. Repeating activities can now repeat on a specific week of the month! Choose the week of this month to start the activity, then select the corresponding repeat option provided!

Default Activity Reminders

  1. Want to use the same reminders for all of your activities, but tired of setting them up? Now you can save your reminders to have them auto-populate for the next event or task you create!

Other Updates

  1.  Additional Batch Options for editing Flat Fees. 

  2. Updates to the subscription page.

  3. Send updates to participants in events whenever someone makes changes to the event.

  4. Added a "billed-by" field for Payment Plans, which will automatically create flat fees, allowing for additional reporting features

November 09, 2018

iPhone App Update

  1. Updated interface of our mobile app for iPhone users to include a navigation footer on the bottom of the screen, allowing users to more easily go back a page, refresh or go back to the dashboard in just one click!

Private Events, Tasks & Notes

  1. Hide details about an activity from other users if desired. 

  2. Select "Private" when creating or editing an activity to enable it. 

  3. Private activities on your calendar and activities list will still appear to other users, but their details will be hidden!

  4. For more information, click here.

October 17, 2018

Dedicated Outlook Plugin

  1. Now, you’re able to download a native Outlook plugin to sync emails to PracticePanther even easier.

  2. This works for both Outlook Online (Office365), and Outlook Desktop version.

  3. You’re be able to view an email, and instantly have the contact and matter details show up on a new right sidebar of Outlook.

  4. Instead of going into PracticePanther, you’re able to see the contacts phone number, notes, and other details about the Matter too.

  5. Want to log the email? No problem, click “Log Email” straight from inside Outlook. Easy!

  6. You are even able to track billable time for the email all without leaving Outlook.

  7. If the contact doesn’t exist in PracticePanther, you can add them in on the spot (and it will automatically fill in their email address for you).

October 08, 2018

Add attachments to your activities

  1. Ever wanted to add files or attachments to a task or event? Now you can!

  2. When creating a new task, event, or any activity, simply attach any file you want.

  3. This is extremely helpful if you’re creating and delegating tasks to other people in your company, and want to attach the file to work on. For example, “Please edit this draft contract. See attached.”

September 25, 2018

Ability to switch primary contact in a Company

  1. If you have multiple contacts in a Company, you can now switch the primary contact associated with that company.

  2. Simply edit the contact, and change the primary contact to anyone you choose.

September 06, 2018

Login Only From Secure Locations

  1. Ever wanted to make sure certain employees can’t login to PracticePanther from outside of the office? Now you can!

  2. Among the most sophisticated security features released by PracticePanther in months, this allows for administrators to control the physical location used by a firm’s employees to access PracticePanther, by only allowing access to certain IP addresses, like your office.

  3. This prevents your employees from accessing the sensitive information stored in the software from unsecured networks like public WiFi networks in the airport or coffee shops.

  4. Of course, administrators are welcome to allow certain people to have access from multiple locations, like a second office or courthouse.

  5. PracticePanther is the only cloud-based practice management software that has this feature, as of this launch date, and to the best of our knowledge and research!

  6. Click here to learn more.

September 05, 2018

Remember Column Widths

  1. When you adjust the column widths in any page, like your “All Matters” page, now it will remember your settings.

  2. This is in addition to remembering which columns you have selected.

  3. This setting is saved in your computers browser cookies, so if you login from a different browser or computer, or delete your cookies, it will reset.

September 04, 2018

Calendar Business Hours

  1. Thanks to your feedback, and by popular demand, we are introducing business hours for your calendar!

  2. The calendar will now automatically focus on business hours instead of showing the entire day from 12:00am to 11:59pm. When you view your Day or Week view, it will start at 6 AM now.

September 03, 2018

Batch apply document templates

  1. Now you can generate document templates for multiple contacts and matters in one click!

  2. You can also download a single ZIP file with all the generated templates.

  3. To try it out, click “Contacts” or “Matters” on the top to view all your contacts or matters. Check the boxes on the left for which ones you want to generate a template for, then click the button button on the top left that says “Items Selected”, and click “Apply Template”

September 02, 2018

Never Forget to Invite An Associate Again!

  1. This feature minimizes both error and time-wasting when it comes to assigning attorneys to tasks within a matter.

  2. When you’re creating a new task under a Matter, PracticePanther will automatically suggest adding anyone else associated with the Matter.

  3. For example, if the Matter is assigned to yourself and your paralegal, and you’re creating a new task, it will recommend adding your paralegal to the task.

  4. Talk about AI and automation!

August 28, 2018

Flat fee billing & reporting has arrived!

  1. Now you can track multiple flat fee services as you work, much like you track your billable time entries and expenses. This will allow you to log a flat fee directly in the matter, and invoice for them all later!

  2. By being able to invoice and track all your flat fees, you will be able to run much more detailed reports on the different types of fees. For example,  which billing attorney should get credit for each fee. You can even track how often flat fee discounts were awarded to clients over the year!

  3. Click here to learn more.

August 24, 2018

Lawmatics integration officially launched!

  1. Lawmatics is an incredibly sophisticated intake and CRM software designed specifically for attorneys.

  2. PracticePanther’s recent integration with them makes it easier than ever for you to attract, manage, and convert your leads into paying clients.

  3. Optimize your client relationship management.

  4. Automate your communication with previous, current, and future clients.

  5. Create beautiful, effective email campaigns effortlessly.

  6. Create and monitor reports to keep track of your leads, and MUCH MORE!

  7. Click here to watch the webinar replay.

  8. Click here to learn more and view the tutorial.

August 17, 2018

Multiple invoice templates and options.

  1. Now you can create multiple invoice themes with a world of options that you can use for any client or matter.

  2. Use different invoices templates for different types of cases and clients.

  3. Apply different invoice terms and conditions, payment plans, due dates, invoice themes, and much more at the click of a button!

  4. If you have special terms of service, payment options, or anything else that you want to use only for a certain practice area, now you can do that!

  5. Click here to learn more.

  6. Click here to try it yourself in the app.

July 26, 2018

Auto-save order of columns in a list.

  1. Before, the order of the columns in your reports reset to default every time you leave the page.

  2. Now, you’re able to lock which columns are on each report, and even the exact position and order of the columns as well!

July 18, 2018

Closed matters now change to “Closed” in all dropdowns

  1. To make it easier to see which matter is Closed in your drop-down list, all closed matters will now be labeled “Closed” in the drop-down lists.

  2. To close a matter, edit it, scroll to the bottom where it says Status, and change it to Closed.

  3. This will help you avoid accidentally logging an item or time or expense or anything else in a closed matter.

July 05, 2018

Set a discount for all invoices during batch billing.

  1. When billing multiple clients at once and using batch billing, now you can set a percentage based discount (like 15% off) for all invoices.

  2. To do this, click the white +NEW button at top and click Invoices. Select Multiple Invoices. Select 1 or several billable matters. Click the green Select Options button, and you will see a field for Discount (%).

June 25, 2018

Download over 1,000 invoices at once!

  1. In the past, most browsers would time out if trying to download a few hundred invoices at the same time.

  2. Now, download up to 1,000 invoices at once and see a progress bar of the download status.

June 22, 2018

New report: A/R aging report by matter

  1. This report will show you what receivables need to be dealt with more urgently because they have been overdue longer.

  2. To view the report, click on “More” on top, then “Reports”, and then “A/R aging report by matter” at the bottom.

  3. Click here to view the report now.

June 15, 2018

Search your calendar.

  1. Now you can search for all of your calendar events and tasks directly from the calendar page.

  2. A new search bar can be found on the top of your calendar page here.

  3. This calendar can search for:Task & Event subjectsTask & Event descriptionsContact namesMatter names

June 09, 2018

Sync invoice notes to QuickBooks.

  1. All of the notes you type into the “Invoice Notes” section on each invoice will now sync over to QuickBooks Online to the invoice in QuickBooks.

  2. When you edit an old invoice and re-save it in PracticePanther, it will automatically re-sync that invoice to QuickBooks online and send the invoice notes in.

June 04, 2018

Evergreen retainer & payment plan updates.

  1. The remaining balance on your payment plans is now displayed to you and your clients.

  2. The Evergreen retainer amount that needs to be replenished will now also display on paid invoices.

May 25, 2018

GDPR Compliance.

  1. PracticePanther is committed to your privacy, data protection, and transparency.

  2. As of May 25, 2018, PracticePanther is fully compliant with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  3. Now you can ensure you and your law firm is compliant as well when working with PracticePanther. You do not need to opt-in to be compliant, as you agree to use our software as a service along with our updated GDPR privacy, data, and cookie policies.

  4. For more information on how we comply, visit

  5. Read the updated privacy policy, terms of service, and specifically, the new GDPR privacy policy.

  6. For any questions, please contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) from here.

May 07, 2018

Dedicated Gmail Add-On.

  1. As of today, May 07 2018, you can now download the PracticePanther add-on from the official Gmail add-on store (for free!).

  2. PracticePanther is only one of 30 add-ons available worldwide as of May 07. It was a very rigorous approval process, and we’re proud to stand near some of the greatest software companies and apps ever created.

  3. To download the add-on, login to Gmail, click the Settings/Gear icon on the top right, and select “Get add-ons”. Type in PracticePanther to the search box, or just scroll down. Click and install it, and follow the instructions.

  4. With the dedicated Gmail add-on for PracticePanther, you can now do the following:

  5. Add new contacts – If a matching contact isn’t found, you can add a new contact to PracticePanther without leaving Gmail.

  6. Match existing contacts – When viewing an email, the add-on will automatically search for a matching contact in PracticePanther using their email address.

  7. Log emails – In one click, you can save the email to PracticePanther under the specific contact or matter associated with it.

  8. Bill for your time – Never lose another billable minute again. Every email should be logged to PracticePanther and billed for accordingly. We recommend billing in 6-minute increments for every email.

  9. View contact and matter details – Once a matching contact is found, see their contact details, notes, open tasks, and all their matters as well.

  10. Create tasks – You can now create tasks for your contacts or matters directly from inside Gmail. If you sync your tasks with Google, they will even be synced back to Gmail Tasks.

  11. Try it today and let us know what you think!

April 12, 2018

Payment Plans for Recurring Billing.

  1. We’ve been working extremely hard over the last 2 months to bring you 3 major new features (2 more coming soon!).

  2. Today, we’re proud to release Panther Payment Plans! Now you can automatically save a clients credit card on file (securely through LawPay), and it can automatically charge them the same fixed amount every day, week, month, or more.

  3. This helps you automate monthly retainer payments, or monthly balances your clients owe you.

  4. Once you integrate with PantherPayments, powered by LawPay, then you will have access to this powerful feature.

  5. Click here to learn more about PantherPayments and LawPay.

  6. Click here to learn more about payment plans.

March 25, 2018

New Zapier Integration with Pre-built Zaps.

  1. Thanks to the second version of our new API (the KISS API), we now have a newer, better, and more connected integration with Zapier.

  2. Connect with apps like Google Drive, Todoist, Google Tasks, Ringcentral, Calendly, Trello, Gmail, and thousands more.

  3. Click here to view the pre-built Zaps.

  4. Click here to view the tutorials.

February 20, 2018

Easier retainer requests.

  1. Before, you used to send a new invoice to your client to add more money to their trust account balance as a retainer payment. Now, you can do it even faster.

  2. When invoicing your client for billable time entries, expenses, or flat fees, you can now add the amount needed to replenish the retainer (based on the set evergreen amount) at the bottom of the invoice.

February 16, 2018

Drag and drop items on an invoice.

  1. Instead of clicking the up and down arrows on each row of an invoice, now you can simply drag and drop a time entry, expense, or flat fee anywhere on the invoice to rearrange the order.

February 12, 2018

Update activities from an invoice.

  1. When you used to generate an invoice, it would add all the billable time entries and expenses to the invoice. When you had to edit a time entry or expense from inside the invoice, it would update the invoice, but not the matching time entry or expense.

  2. Now you can edit an invoice, which will automatically update the matching records for the billable time entries and expenses. You must click the pencil icon on the left of the invoice to edit the billable entry directly from the invoice. Learn more.

February 05, 2018

KISS API v2 released!

  1. The new version of our API (v2) is finally released to the public! Click here to learn more.

  2. Now you can use the new and improved API to link PracticePanther to any software of your choice.

  3. This includes a full published integration with Zapier to allow you to connect on a deeper level with hundreds of apps worldwide.

  4. Expect to see many more integrations and partnerships in 2018.

  5. For API access, please contact us.

January 22, 2018

More UI/UX updates across the software

  1. When viewing the “Contact” tab inside a Matter, you can now click the pencil icon to edit a contact directly from inside a Matter.

  2. Rearranged top header menu to include a new dropdown menu for “Automation” which includes Templates, Workflows, and Intake Forms.

  3. Now you can hide the sidebar by clicking “Hide Sidebar” on the top right, making it more obvious.

  4. On the main invoices page, there is a new dropdown on the top right for “New” that gives you a dropdown for “Single Invoice” “Multiple Invoices” “Give a Credit” or “Give a Refund”

  5. Fixed a small issue in the right sidebar where “&” symbols were showing up as “&”

  6. When you click on “Activities” on the top, you can now click on any of the 4 boxes for All, Completed, Incomplete, or Overdue, to filter the results.

  7. On the Dashboard, if you click on any of the four colored boxes on top, they will now take you to the corresponding reports. So you can click on the blue “Trust” box, which will show you all the trust account payments. Or, click on the red “Due” box, which will show you all invoices that are due.

  8. Added the current date to the right of the sidebar underneath the calendar. When you click on it, it will take you to your full calendar to show you the agenda for today.

  9. Added more filters to the top of the Matters page. Now you can filter all matters based on the Created, Opened, or Closed dates.

January 12, 2018

MANY Updates across the entire software for 2018!

  1. When creating anything new, and selecting a contact, you can now type in the name of a person, and hit Enter, and it will automatically select an existing contact, or open a dialog to create a new one with the name you typed in.

  2. On the Dashboard, you can now click on the 4 colored payment boxes on the top, to go directly to their respective reports. For example, clicking on the Billable box will take you to the Matters page and show you all the matters with billable time or expenses that still need to be invoiced.

  3. On the Dashboard, we’ve added a Quick Create button for “New Call”.

  4. When you’re viewing a Contact or Matter, we are now hiding any unused fields (like Fax, Office, Address), to clean up the clutter and show you relevant information that has been filled out.

  5. On the right sidebar, under the Agenda section, we have cleaned up the fonts and made it easier to see the Overdue, Today, and Tomorrow items easier.

  6. On the Contacts and Matters pages, we’ve added another filter on top for “Created Date”. Now you can see all your contacts created within a certain date range.

  7. Small UI/UX, color, and font changes throughout the software, making it easier and faster to navigate.

  8. Updated many tooltips throughout the software, so you can learn what every feature does.

  9. When adding a New Expense, the bottom now says “Private Notes” to indicate that these will NOT be shown to the client on an invoice.

January 04, 2018

Tag editor now available

  1. Due to popular demand, we’ve added a tag editor.

  2. Now you can edit all your contact, matter, and activity tags to rename your tags, or delete them.

  3. Click your name on the top right of the software, select “Settings”, and then click “Tags” on the left, or just click here.

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