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A guide and index of the various information you can export out of PracticePanther.

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Please note that some of the features and items described within this tutorial may not be available on your specific PracticePanther subscription. For example, the ability to create flat fee items and generate a report based off of flat fees is only available on our Business plan. To find out more regarding our different subscription plans, simply click here.

There's various types of data in PracticePanther that you have the ability to export. Whether it be for reports, Progress Lists, or complete backups of your Contact and Matter files for safekeeping. All of these are always available for download at a moment's notice. 

In general you're able to export reports and most lists in the software as excel or PDF with the export options to the top right hand corner of the list view. This also applies to lists seen within Contacts and Matters in the software. 

Note: To export all of the data in your Contacts/Matters files in the Excel format, make sure to select the "All" option. Clicking on "List" will only export the columns that are shown.

To start exporting reports and other data in PracticePanther, click on the shortcuts below: 

For info on exporting specific types of data, see the articles below: 


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