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Using the Productivity Report to Track Billed Time vs Collected Payments
Using the Productivity Report to Track Billed Time vs Collected Payments

Compare how much has been billed and paid for a certain time period!

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When generating many invoices, the amount we collect sometimes becomes harder to envision. This report is here to help you build a clearer picture of the amount collected against the amount billed for a given time period. 

To access your Productivity Report, follow these simple steps below:

1) When creating or editing Time Entries/Expenses/Flat Fees, make sure to select who is the "Billed By" user. This will give credit to this user in your reports.

2) Click on "More" and then click on "Reports". 

3) On the left hand side click on “Payments", then click "Productivity Report".

4) When inside the report, you can select the date range you're interested in. You can also decide if you want payments to be applied to expenses first or equally across all items. 

What happens now?

This report will let you know how much you're billing out in total and how much in payments are collected for this time period. 

Pro Tip: If you want to see which attorney is earning/bringing in the most money for your firm, change "Originated by" or "Billed by" field to the attorney you're interested in tracking.

Pro Tip 2: If your firm utilizes the Invoice Approval Process, then you'll be able to filter your Productivity Report to include or exclude pending invoice totals from the billed sections of the report.


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