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Here you can see all the new feature releases PracticePanther developed in 2019.

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Below is a list of new features from 2019! Enjoy!

December 01, 2019

Tags on Originating Attorney Report

PracticePanther tags can be used in a multitude of ways when it comes to slicing and dicing your data. Now, you can leverage tag filtering on the Originating Attorney Report to exponentially expand how your firm can award out monthly, quarterly or annual commissions.

To see how your firm can create customized commission reports by using tags on the Originating Attorney Report, click here.

November 01, 2019

Date Calculator
Often times an attorney might be given a strict deadline to complete a task or have to schedule an event within a very specific time frame. Now, instead of relying on a standard calculator outside of PracticePanther, or even worse, counting by hand, minimize the possibility of human error by utilizing PracticePanther's Date Calculator.

To see how Date Calculator can save you time creating events and tasks, click here.

October 01, 2019

Tags on Calendar Page

We've added the "Tags" filter to our native calendar page to help firms visualize where they're spending most of their time. See how much of your time is taken up by events for specific practice areas using matter tags, or simply use the activity tags to create an office space scheduling system.

To get an in depth look at how to set up conference room reservations for your calendar, click here.

Quantity on Expenses

We've updated the expense creation process to match that of time entries and flat fees, allowing you to specify the quantity of a specific expense. This way, you can log this information as you're creating an expense, rather than editing the line item at the invoice stage.

September 01, 2019

Invoice Approval Process

“Pending” is now an official invoice status in PracticePanther. Invoices that are set to “Pending” can’t be paid or sent to the client, allowing you to seek approval prior to finalizing your invoices and sending them to your clients. 

Your firm may currently not have any invoice approval process in place, however, it never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes look at your invoices before they go out. It significantly reduces the risk of billing errors, and who knows, you may be undercharging your clients! 

To learn how to submit your invoices for approval, click here.

August 01, 2019

Tag Filters

Tags are the best way to categorize contacts, matters and activities within your firm using any keywords that best describe them. Tag Filters give you even more control when it comes time to run very specific reports using these tags. 

Types of Tag Filters

  • All - Will show only the contacts that have all of the selected tags.

  • Any - Will show all contacts that have any of the selected tags.

  • None - Will show all contacts that are missing the selected tags.

  • Without Tags - Will show all contacts that are not tagged at all.

For a complete look at the many ways you can utilize Tag Filters, click here.

LEDES Settings Per Contact

Some lawyers are required by courts to turn in a special report through LEDES invoices. Many firms that adhere to the LEDES billing system are not required to do so for every one of their clients (depending on the type of case).

This update allows all firms to decide which client should adhere to LEDES invoicing and which should not.

For a deep dive on everything to do with LEDES billing, click here.
This feature is only available on the PracticePanther Business and Legacy plans. If you'd like to upgrade your current plan, click here!

July 01, 2019

Workflow Enhancements

Now when designing your task list in a workflow, you can automate even more aspects about your to-do list. Save even more time by automating these options for your workflow task and events:

  1. Predefined reminders: assign reminders to individual tasks in your workflow. 

  2. Priority levels: assign priority levels to workflow tasks to help your staff prioritize their work.  

  3. Pre-assign workflow tasks to specific staff members: we understand that not every task is relevant to every staff member. Assign the relevant staff members while creating the workflow and save time later!

  4. Tagging: tag your workflow tasks to help you generate all kinds of reports, or just search for specific tasks by their tag. 

  5. Email assigned staff members to notify them of this particular task: enable this option to ensure that your staff is notified that a new task was just assigned to them. 

For a full run-down on how to set-up your first workflow, click here.

June 01, 2019


Ever have work interrupted by spotty internet or loss of power? Simply try opening a new time entry, and PracticePanther may remember the work you were in the middle of completing. Click "Open Draft" to continue working, or "No Thanks" to throw it away.

For a quick list of all the work Auto-Save can save you, click here.

May 01, 2019

User Groups

Avoid having to assign every individual user you want to a contact, matter, or activity. To do this, use a "User Group" to assign many users in just one click!

For more information on setting up your first User Group, click here!
This feature is only available on the PracticePanther Business and Legacy plans. If you'd like to upgrade your current plan, click here!

Custom Hourly Rates

Avoid having to create a new custom rate every time you make a matter that differs from your default hourly rate. To do this, use the "Custom Hourly Rate" matter rate option. 

This option will allow you to save certain matter rates ahead of time so you can easily select them when creating your matters later on!

For more information on setting up your first Custom Hourly Rate, click here!
This feature is only available on the PracticePanther Business and Legacy plans. If you'd like to upgrade your current plan, click here!

March 01, 2019

Google Drive Integration

If you have Gmail, you probably already have access to Google Drive! Google Drive is a one stop shop for managing your documents, and now you can connect it with PracticePanther! As contacts are made in PracticePanther, folders will automatically generate for those contacts in Google Drive. This also gives you access to your clients documents right from within their contact in PracticePanther!

For more information on setting up the Google Drive integration, click here!

OneDrive Integration

If you are using Windows 10, chances are you already have a OneDrive account setup! If not, setting one up is easy to do right here. OneDrive allows you to manage your documents in the cloud as well as directly from your computer. Now, you can connect your OneDrive account to PracticePanther. This allows folders to automatically generate in OneDrive for contacts made in PracticePanther. This also gives you access to your clients documents right from within their contact in PracticePanther!

For more information on setting up the OneDrive integration, click here!

February 01, 2019

Show Hard Costs and Soft Costs on Originating Attorney Report

The Originating Attorney Report will now include a detailed breakdown showing specifically which of your payments stemmed from Hard Costs and which from Soft Costs making the Originating Attorney Report even more powerful!

For more information on the Originating Attorney Report, click here!

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