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Save Clicks Creating Matters with Custom Hourly Rates
Save Clicks Creating Matters with Custom Hourly Rates

Create custom hourly rates today for matters you create tomorrow!

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PracticePanther is always looking for as many ways as possible to save you time and money. For example, you can avoid having to create a new custom rate every time you make a matter that differs from your default hourly rate. To do this, use the "Custom Hourly Rate" matter rate option. 

This option will allow you to save certain matter rates ahead of time so you can easily select them when creating your matters later on!

There are two places from which you can create a brand new custom hourly rate:

1) When creating a matter, click into the "Matter Rate" field and select "Custom Hourly Rate".

Then click, "New Custom Hourly Rate".

2) The second place to create a new custom hourly rate is directly in your settings page here.

On this page, you can review your existing custom hourly rates. You can create a new one, edit or delete an existing one, and even clone an hourly rate you've already made to create a similar one.

After clicking "New Custom Hourly Rate" from either location, follow these simple steps:

1) Name your rate.
2) Give this rate a brief description if needed.
3) Click "Add Custom Rate", and select the rule you want this rate to follow.
Available Options:
-For everyone: Will apply this rate to anyone that tracks time on the matter.
-Per User: Will apply this rate to the selected user's time entries only.
-Per Role: Will apply this rate to the time entries for all users belonging to the role selected.

4) Repeat step 3 as needed for this rate. Then when finished, click "Save".

Pro-Tip: Priority for the rates work as follows: User > User Role > Everyone. 

This means, if you have a rate for "Everyone" and a rate for "David Silberberg" in the same Custom Rate, when David Silberberg records a time entry, it will follow his specified rate, not the rate specified for everyone.

What happens now?

In this example, I specified that this rate would have "David Silberberg" charging $125 an hour. So when I log a time entry for David, his hourly rate automatically updates to the correct rate.

Pro-Tip: You can review your matter rates on your matters page by using the column "Matter Rate" as seen below. At any time, you can decide to change the matter rates for many matters at one time.

To adjust matter rates for many matters at a time, follow these steps:

1) Navigate to the matters page.
2) Click the check-boxes to the left of the matters you wish to change.
3) Click the blue gears icon that appears on the top of the list.

4) Click "Edit".

5) Change "Set Matter Rate" from "No" to "Yes.
6) Select which matter rate you wish to change these matters to.

7) Scroll down, check the warning box, then click "Save".

Now all your selected matters will update to the newest rate chosen.


Disclaimer: This feature is only available on the PracticePanther Business and Essential plans. If you'd like to upgrade your current plan, click here!

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