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Auto-Save Draft Entries!
Auto-Save Draft Entries!

Bring back work that was lost to poor internet connection or accidental navigation!

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Has this ever happened to you? You're working late, balancing multiple tasks at once and recording a long time entry summarizing all of your hard work.ย 

You're finally finished, and go to click "Save", when suddenly...

It seems you've momentarily lost internet connection! Oh no!

All your hard work is gone and now you have to start all over, right?

Wrong! PracticePanther's got you covered! Simply try opening a new time entry, and PracticePanther may remember the work you were in the middle of completing. Click "Open Draft" to continue working, or "No Thanks" to throw it away.

What happens now?

If you click "Open Draft", your time entry will open up with the details you thought you had lost!

This functionality works with the following types of items:

  • Time Entries (Not multiple time entries)

  • Expenses (Not multiple expenses)

  • Flat Fees (Not multiple flat fees)

  • Tasks

  • Events

  • Log Calls

  • Notes

  • Secure Messages

This functionality works in these common scenarios:

  • Loss of internet

  • Accidentally navigating away from the page

  • Accidentally refreshing the page

  • Accidentally closing your browser

  • Computer crashes

Warning: Clicking the "X" button or the "Cancel" button on this entry will not trigger the auto-save functionality on your next entry. If you clear your browsers cache and cookies your draft will be lost. If your browser is set to automatically clear cookies when closed, then closing the browser will cause you to lose your draft. This feature is browser specific; this means if you lose your work on one computer and try making a new entry on another browser or computer, PracticePanther will not remember your draft.

โ€‹Disclaimer: PracticePanther will always attempt to save your work every 10 seconds, however we apologize for any instance of accidentally lost data in your drafts.

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