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Calculate a Deadline using the Date Calculator
Calculate a Deadline using the Date Calculator

Figure out exactly what date your tasks or events should be due!

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Often times an attorney might be given a strict deadline to complete a task or have to schedule an event within a very specific time frame. Instead of relying on a standard calculator outside of PracticePanther, or even worse, counting by hand, minimize the possibility of human error by utilizing PracticePanther's Date Calculator.

To calculate a specific date in PracticePanther, follow the steps below:

1) In the sidebar, click "Date Calculator" found under the sidebar mini calendar.

Note: If you do not see the sidebar on your screen, click the double arrow icon under your user name on the top right. This will reveal your sidebar.

2) Fill out the calculation fields as follows:

  • Number of days to calculate.

  • Pick between "Business Days" or "Calendar Days".

  • Pick between "Before" or "After".

  • Enter the calculation start date.

  • Decide if you want this calculation to skip US federal holidays.

3) Click "Calculate".

What happens now?

Two options will appear, clicking on either of these options will allow you to create a new task or event.

The date field will already be populated with the date previously calculated.
See example below:

Pro-Tip: There is also a "Calculate Date" shortcut found in the headers of new events or tasks.

Clicking this shortcut will prompt the "Calculate Date" pop-up to show. If you started from an event, only the event shortcut will show after calculation. Starting from a task will only show the task shortcut as well. 

Clicking on this shortcut will simply refresh the date in the open event/task you were originally working on. Only the date field will update, retaining any other information you had previously written before calculation.


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