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Automatic Duplicate Check for Contacts
Automatic Duplicate Check for Contacts

Automatically run conflict checks as you save new contacts.

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PracticePanther has released a feature that will help prevent you from creating duplicate Contact Information. 

Every time you Save a new Contact, PracticePanther's Duplicate Contact Check will automatically look for duplicates. This will save you time lost from having to consolidate duplicate contacts after accidentally working in them separately.

If you're an Admin, follow the steps below to enable or disable the Automatic Duplicate Check for Contacts.

1) Go to Settings, click Company Settings on the left sidebar. Or just click here.

2) Scroll down in the Company Settings page and select Yes for Check for duplicate contact info?
3) Save

How does Duplicate Check for Contacts work?

Select Contact after clicking on the white new button on any page.

Fill out the Contact information and Save.

Duplicate Check for Contacts will alert you if any duplicate information was found in any other PracticePanther contacts for:

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Company Name

If duplicate information is found, click See all Duplicates

Note: Contact phone numbers will be labeled (M), (O), (H), or (F) for Mobile, Office, Home, or Fax.

If you would like to review the contact in greater detail before deciding on an action, click Open Contact. This will open the listed contact in another browser tab automatically, allowing you to compare the contact details side-by-side.

If you would like to continue saving this new contact even though there is duplicate information, click Done then click Save Anyway.


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