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How do I update my bank account in PantherPayments?
How do I update my bank account in PantherPayments?

Updating your Bank Account with PantherPayments

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After your firm's application to PantherPayments has been approved, it's simple to connect an existing bank account to PantherPayments.

To do so, firm admins will need:

  • Online banking username and password information available

  • A scanned copy of a voided check saved to the computer

Getting Started

Firm admins visit the Bank Accounts page in PantherPayments, and click “Edit” on any existing bank account.

Alternatively, admins can easily manage the connections for all of their PracticePanther bank accounts here.

Then click the green "Connect Bank" button.

Choose how you'd like to link your bank account to PantherPayments. There are two options: Connect Bank and Manually Link.

Option 1: "Connect Bank"

Connect Bank allows you to sign into your online bank and hand pick any account you'd like to connect. Simply:

1) Click the blue Continue button at the bottom of the popup shown below.

2) Search for your bank among the available options, using either the search bar at the top of the popup shown below or the icons of commonly used banks (shown below). Click when you see your choice.

3) To link your bank to PantherPayments, sign in with the username and password associated with that account. (See below for what this would look like if you're Bank of America. Regardless of whatever bank you use, the screen should look similar to the example below.)

4) Once logged in to your online bank, select the appropriate account to link to PracticePanther and click Continue.

Congrats! Your bank is now linked on this page — but we're not finished yet! We will still need a voided check to get this bank approved in underwriting.

6) Click Upload Voided Check to upload a picture of a voided check. (Beforehand, you will have scanned a voided check and saved it to your computer as jpg, jpeg, png, or pdf.)

7) Scroll to the bottom and click Save to officially link this bank to PantherPayments.

Important: You must click Save in order to finish linking your bank.

Option 2: "Manually Link" Bank

Use your account and routing numbers to Manually Link to your bank account.

  1. Fill out the Account Number and Routing Number fields.

  2. Select Checking or Savings from the Bank Type field.

  3. Click Upload Voided Check to upload an image of a voided check from your computer.

  4. Scroll down and click Save.


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