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How do I accept eCheck via PantherPayments?
How do I accept eCheck via PantherPayments?

Accepting eCheck payments with PantherPayments

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Electronic Check (eCheck) capabilities come standard for all PantherPayments users and do not require any setup.

Your client will have a seamless and secure eCheck payment experience.

PantherPayments sends them a link to a window, where they'll sign in to their bank and select any of their personal bank accounts right from the payment screen.

After the client chooses their bank, they sign in using their online banking information.

All eCheck payments take about 3 business days to process. You can check on the status of your payments in the Payments Reports screen and filter using the options from the dropdown menu in the screenshot below. Each payment will be marked with Pending or Successful. If a payment is marked Failed, that means there were issues with processing the payment. More information on why the payment failed can be found by opening the payment and viewing it's details.

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