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How do I save a credit card on file for PantherPayments?
How do I save a credit card on file for PantherPayments?

Saving credit cards with PantherPayments

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It's easy to save a card on file for PantherPayments. There are two ways to make this happen:

1) During the payment process, either you or your client can click this checkbox before saving the payment.

Both clients and attorneys can save credit cards on file. Clients save cards on file when making a payment and the attorney can save cards on file when collecting a payment directly on PracticePanther. This method will save either a credit card or eCheck payment method on file for the attorney to use at a later date.

Note: Only clients can pay with and save new eCheck payment methods for the firm. Once a client has saved an eCheck payment method by clicking the checkbox above, the attorney can use that payment method moving forward to pay off invoices or charge new a new retainer for that client.

2) From within the client or matter file

Click "New".

Click "Payment Method".

Click "Enter New Payment Method". For more information on requesting payment methods from clients via email, click here.

This will allow you to save a new credit card on file on behalf of your client.

Note: Attorneys can also delete these payment methods as needed from within the “Payment Methods” tab found in the Contact or Matter details page.

Click the checkbox for the payment method you wish to delete, click the blue drop-down menu that appears on the top of the list, and then select "Delete".

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