With the refund option in the new PantherPayments, you can refund the full amount of a payment back to your client.

From your menu bar, click More and then Reports.

Under Payments, you'll have a new section for PantherPayments to pull Daily and Monthly reports to easily keep track of your transactions.

When running the report, you have access to filter by Bank Account, Status, Payment Method, Assigned To, and Date Range. Hover over a payment that was made and click Refund.

From here, you'll have access to view the payment and enter in the amount you are looking to refund, add notes, and click Save when finished.

Within 3-5 business days, your client will receive the funds on the original credit card or eCheck bank account used to make the original payment.

Please note:

  • Your refund will have the same last 4 digits of the transaction (i.e. a refund on P-1077 will display as R-1077)

  • If a refund should fail, you will not be able to attempt another refund until 7 days have passed.

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