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Sync Contacts with Kenect

Use the Kenect integration to text your PracticePanther contacts.

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Watch the recorded webinar here or read below to learn about the integration.

The need for streamlined client communication is at an all-time high. Text your clients directly with the Kenect app from your law firm's phone number, not your personal cell phone.

We are now live with a 2-way contact-sync integration. This integration between PracticePanther and Kenect allows law firms to seamlessly text message their clients directly from Kenect without having to “look up” the phone number in the Contact in PracticePanther.  It ensures that PracticePanther houses all client data including any updates or new contacts/leads created in Kenect.

How does the PracticePanther-Kenect integration work?

Kenect users can sync contact information (including Contact Name and Phone Numbers) to PracticePanther. Here are the details:

New Contacts Update Instantly

  • When a contact is made in PracticePanther, a contact will be created in Kenect (if one doesn’t already exist) with that phone number.

  • When a contact is made in Kenect, a contact will be created in PracticePanther (if one doesn’t already exist) with that phone number.

Edited Contacts Update Instantly

  •  When a contact is edited in PracticePanther, the matching contact in Kenect will update.

  • When a contact is edited in Kenect, the matching contact in PracticePanther will update.

How to Setup Kenect Contact Sync with PracticePanther

1. Click the question mark at the top of your PracticePanther account.

2. Click Ask Us Anything.

3. Ask the support team to grant your account access to our open API.

4. After our support team approves your request, reach out to the Kenect support team. Make sure your PracticePanther account is opened to this page.
Kenect Support: (888) 972-7422

What happens now?

  • The Kenect support representative will setup the integration on their end.

  • An initial contact sync occurs the night the account is setup for the first time. That will pull all existing contacts (first name, last name, email, and mobile phone number) from PracticePanther into Kenect. 

  • From then on, new contacts entered into either PracticePanther or Kenect are pulled into the other in real-time. 

  • If you have any technical issues with the Kenect integration, please contact Kenect support for the fastest resolution.
    Note: Kenect Support- (888)-972-7422


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