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Transferring Payment Plans to PantherPayments
Transferring Payment Plans to PantherPayments

In Just 3 Steps

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  • Did you just get approved for PantherPayments?

  • Were you previously using another payment processor that allowed you to sync with PracticePanther's Payment Plans?

  • Do you wish there was a simple, 3-step wizard to effortlessly transfer plans from your old payment processor to the new PantherPayments?

If you've answered yes to these three questions, then this article is for you! Read on to become a PantherPayments Payment Plan Transfer wizard yourself.

After being approved to use the new PantherPayments:

You will receive a pop-up window the next time you log in to PracticePanther.

Click Begin Payment Plan Transfer to launch the payment plans transfer wizard.

If you don't have time to breeze through the wizard right now, don't worry! On the following pages, there will be a banner (show in the image below) that gives you access to the transfer wizard any time:

The PantherPayments Payment Plan transfer wizard is a simple 3-step process.

Step 1: Choose plans

We will show you a list of all your existing Active payment plans. Check the box to the left of any plan you wish to transfer. Then, click Next Step on the bottom right.

Step 2: Finalize Email

  • Customize the email your selected clients will receive. We provide you a template to make things easier.

  • Click "Restore Default Message" to reset the templated message to its original state.

  • The email will come directly from you and your firm.

Note: Primary Contacts (shown below) are the first contact listed within your company contacts. They will receive this email about updating their payment method.

Step 3: Send Requests

Once your message is finalized, click Send Email on the bottom right of step 2.

What happens to my payment plans that aren’t transferred to PantherPayments within 90 days of signing up for PantherPayments?

  • Payment plans that are still in PracticePanther and have not been successfully migrated to PantherPayments are still active in your existing payment processor. However, payments received on those plans will no longer be shown on your PracticePanther dashboard. Instead, those plans will show as “Disconnected” meaning payment received will not sync to PracticePanther automatically. If you would like to cancel those plans, please go to your previous payment processor to do so.

Payment plan transfer recap

  • Clients must update their payment method in order to transfer an existing payment plan

  • Once a plan is transferred it will be automatically cancelled with your former processor

  • We no longer support payment plans without an end date. Any active payment plans with no end date will be set to run for an additional five years from the date the plan is transferred

  • Plans associated with bank accounts not connected to PantherPayments will instead be linked to your respective default operating or trust PantherPayment accounts.

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