How to Export Data from Amicus

Migrating to PracticePanther from Amicus

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To export data from Amicus, follow the instructions below:

The method of exporting information is contingent on which version of Amicus you are utilizing

  1. Amicus Cloud

  2. Amicus Attorney Premium (SQL)

  3. Amicus Attorney Small Firm

Exporting Data out of Amicus Cloud

Amicus Cloud does not possess exporting capabilities. In order to obtain an export, you must reach out to Amicus and request a database export in either BACPAC or BAK format.

  • Once you have obtained the database export, provide the file to our migration team and we will handle the importing of the data for you.

Exporting Data Out of Amicus Attorney Premium

To export, you must have access to the server and must have Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express installed on server prior to exporting data*

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio Express and connect to the SQL server.

  2. Expand Databases.

  3. Right-click on the database you want to back up, then select Tasks > Back up

(This is not available for version 2018/2019)

  1. On the Back Up Database window, make sure the Database field contains the name of the database you want to back up.

  2. Select the Backup Type. By default, it is Full - leave it set to that.

  3. Click Remove to remove the default/last backup file name.

  4. Click Add to open the Select Backup Destination window.

  5. Click [...] next to the File Name field.

  6. On the Locate Database Files window, select the folder where you want the backup file to go. By default, it is ..\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Backup.

  7. In the File Name field, type the name for this backup, with a .bak extension. For example, xyz_20080221.bak for a backup of the XYZ database created on 21 February 2008.

  8. Click OK to close the Locate Database Files window.

  9. Click OK to close the Select Backup Destination window.

  10. Click OK to start the backup. The progress icon displays in the lower-left corner, and a ‘completed successfully’ message displays when it's done.

Exporting data out of Amicus Small Firm

  1. Go to File > Reports > Matters, this can be done for Matters, Names, Events and Notes.

  2. Click Report, select the report you like to use and click Done.

  3. Click Query>Query Manager, select the query you would like to use and click Done.

  4. Click Output to

  5. Select Data-Merge File and Click Done

  6. Select Comma-Delimited and Click Done

  7. Click Print

  8. Select a location, give the file a name and click Save

  9. Ensure that, when you are saving the file, the file name ends in .csv (e.g. report.csv). If you do not, it will NOT open properly.

You can check your file by visiting the folder you saved it to and open it in Excel.

Once the upload has been completed, inform your Customer Success Manager so we may begin the migration process.

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