How to Export Data from Cosmolex

Migrating to PracticePanther from Cosmolex

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To export data from Cosmolex, follow the instructions below:


  1. Click on Contacts

  2. Click Address Book

  3. Click Export above the list of Contacts

  4. The Export Grid will open

  5. Select Custom Export and select all pages (if left blank will only export the first page of the listing)

  6. Change Export Format to CSV

  7. Click Export


Follow the same steps as above for Contacts, clicking on Matters instead of Address Book in step 2. The below steps will generate a slightly different report that may not provide all of the information necessary for a complete migration.

  1. Click Reports

  2. Choose Matter Activities > Client List

  3. Choose Print As: Excel

  4. Click Download

Time Entries

  1. Click Activities > Time/Expense

  2. Click Export above the list of Time Entries

  3. The Export Grid will open

  4. Select Custom Export and pick the page range

  5. Change Export Format to Excel (.xls)

  6. Click Export

Accounts Receivable

  1. Click Reports > Accounting (Matters) > Accounts Receivable

  2. Select All Dates unless otherwise requested/needed

Once the upload has been completed, inform your Customer Success Manager so we may begin the migration process.

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