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How to Set Up PantherPayments

In this video we'll walk you through 4 simple steps to get paid faster & collect more on the dollar:

  • Setting up your PantherPayments Account

  • Customize your Invoices

  • Send Invoices to Receive Payments

  • Requesting A Retainer or Trust Payment

Tips & Tricks

In this video we'll go over best practices to ensure fast payment and better collection rates with PantherPayments:

  • Review Your Payments

  • Reconcile Your Account

  • Get Valuable Insights About your Firm

Get The Most Out of PantherPayments

In this video we'll go through ways for you to automate your collection processes to save you time and collect more:

  • Setup Recurring Trust Payments

  • Generate Invoices

  • Record Payments on a Payment Plan

  • Route Recurring Invoice Payments Through Trust

Transfer Payment Plans

In this video, learn how to transfer Payments Plans from your previous processor to the new and improved PantherPayments.

Switching to PantherPayments

In this video, we'll go over new features & PantherPayments functionality

  • Refunds

  • Improved Reporting

  • Notifications

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