How to Import Expenses

Importing expenses into PracticePanther

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There are two things you are going to want to take care of prior to beginning:

  • Ensure every matter has a matter number in PracticePanther.

  • Download the expenses template.

Once you have the expense template downloaded, fill in the template with the appropriate information:

Column A is for the matter number, this is how the import tool knows what matter to assign the expense entry to. Make sure to enter into this column the matter number of the matter you wish to assign the expense to:

Column B is for the amount of the expense. Make sure to only enter numeric digits. This field accepts the use of decimal values as well.

Column C is for the date the expense occurred. It expects the date to be in the format of MM/DD/YYYY. It will not accept any other date format so if the dates are not in that format, it will need to be adjusted.

Column D is for the description of the expense. If there is no description, this field may be left blank.

Column E is for the status of the expense. This field expects one of the 3 following values only exactly as follows: Billable, Billed, and NotBillable.

Column F is for the email address of the PracticePanther user that this expense is going to be assigned to. All entries must be assigned to an active PracticePanther user.

Column G is for adding an category code to an expense (in the case you would like to add a UTBMS code to the expense you are uploading). If you don't have a category code to assign to the time entry, feel free to leave this field blank.

Keep in mind, all fields are mandatory but the description and the category field.

What happens now?

Now that your expenses template is complete, you may proceed with uploading the file. Please note that you shouldn't change the Excel file extension since a CSV file is required. Head over to the import tool and select "Expenses" from the dropdown menu, attach the file you have prepared, and click the upload button.


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