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How to Export Data out of TABS/Practice Master
How to Export Data out of TABS/Practice Master

This article will go over instructions on exporting data out of TABS/Practice Master

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One thing to keep in mind is that TABS does not possess the ability to export data, Practice Master does. As they are part of the same software suite, Practice Master can be utilized in order to obtain an export of the data from TABS.

Please ensure all users are logged out of Practice Master before beginning the data export.


  1. Select the Maintenance tab

  2. Click File Maintenance

  3. Select the desired Export Files: CMCLIENT - MattersCMRELATE - ContactsCMJRNL - NotesCMCALENDAR - CalendarCMCOST - ExpensesCMFEES - Time

  4. Click OK

  5. Select Utility

  6. Click Export Data

  7. Rename the file and add .csv to convert it into a spreadsheet format

  8. Click "Ok"

Once you have generated all necessary data exports, please send the data to your Customer Success Manager to begin the data migration process.

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