1) Click on "Settings".

2) Go to "Calendar, tasks & Contacts".

3) Enable the Exchange sync, and type in your Email address, and Exchange password. 

Note: Please wait up to one hour for the integration to take effect. Check under "My Calendars" periodically until "PracticePanther" appears. If you do not see the "PracticePanther" calendar within the hour, please contact our support team using the bubble on the bottom right.

4) Open up your Outlook calendar, and under "My Calendar" or "Other Calendars", you should see the "PracticePanther" calendar. 

What happens now?

Anything you schedule in the PracticePanther website will sync with Outlook within a couple minutes. If you are in Outlook, you must save the new event on the "PracticePanther" calendar for the event to sync back to the PracticePanther website. Events coming from Outlook may take up to 30 minutes to appear in PracticePanther.

Note: Only events placed on the "PracticePanther" calendar in Outlook will sync back to the PracticePanther website.

What's next?

Click here to learn how to import your existing events on your calendar in to PracticePanther.


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