How do I round my time entries?

Round the time entered using Round Time Entries

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PracticePanther can automatically round your time entries up or down. For example, you can automatically round up your time entries up to the next 6-minute increment.

1) Click on your name at the top right, then select "Settings" or click here. This will take you your personal settings.

2) Scroll down to the "Time Entries" section.

3) Under "Round Time Entries" select "Yes", Then select if you want to round your time entries up or down. 

If you wish to round up to the nearest 6 minutes, that's the 0.10 fraction of the hour (6/60), so enter 0.10 and click on "Save". 

Note: The number entered here should not be greater than one (which is the whole hour).

This is a per user setting. If you wish to change this setting for other users in your firm:

1) From within your settings, click "Users".

2) From the list of users on the right, click on "Edit" next to the user you would like to edit. 

3) Repeat the same as above under "Round Time Entries".

What happens now?

All your new time entries will be rounded according to the settings you entered.


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