PracticePanther gives you the ability to view the Trust account balance of a contact or matter on any single day. 

To view your account balance on a particular day, watch this video or follow the steps below:

1) Click here to see balances by client, or click here to see them by matter.

2) Click on "All accounts" and change it to the trust account.

3) To see a report that shows how much you had in the trust account for a certain day, we must adjust the date range to show all payments up until that date of interest.

The example below shows the start time being any time before the PracticePanther start date (like 7/31/2014 for example), and the end date is the date of interest (06/30/2017).

4) Click "Apply" to apply this date filter.

What happens now?

In the box labeled "Trust", you will see the amount of money you had in trust for the date selected.

You will also see trust account totals for each contact or matter depending on which report you are viewing.


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