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Adding a User who has used their email for the Client portal
Adding a User who has used their email for the Client portal

Not being able to add a user into the software because he created an account with client portal.

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If you are trying to add a new user into the software, but you can't because the email already exists, it may be that you added that same email address into PracticePanther as a contact, which created a client portal for them.

We need to remove their email address from the client portal, so you can add them back in.

Please follow these steps:

1) Have that user login to the client portal created for them using their email.

2) Have them change their email address to a different one through the Client Portal settings.
3) Go back to PracticePanther and delete the contact that was created with the same email address.
4) Sign out, sign back in, and try adding the user back in by clicking here.
5) If this doesn't work, please add them as a new user with a different email address in the meantime, then let us know you tried all steps so we can try to help. We will need you to click here and grant access to your account.


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