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Charging a client for a billable expense
Charging a client for a billable expense

Charge your client a billable expense.

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First, be sure to Click here to review an article on the difference between a soft and a hard expense if needed.

Please watch this video or follow the steps below:

1) Click "New" then click "Expense".

2) Associate this expense to a contact and a matter.
3) Select the expense type, "Soft" or "Hard", and fill out the expense details.

4) Fill out the description and category.
5) Make sure "Billable" is set to "Yes" and choose a person from the drop down menu for the "Billed By". Note: This is the option that controls whether or not the expense will be added to your invoice.

What happens now?

Your billable expenses will automatically be placed onto the next invoice you generate for a given contact or matter.ย 

To learn how to generate an invoice, follow this guide!



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