IMPORTANT - On this page, you will receive a unique "calendar link" that starts with "webcal://". 

1) Copy the unique link found on this page.

2) In, go to your calendar.

3) Click "Add calendar", then "From Internet".

4) In the "Link to the calendar" box, paste your unique calendar link from this page.

5) Enter a name for the calendar.

6) Click the "Save" button.

What happens now?

A new calendar will appear under "Other Calendars" with the name you've given it. This calendar is a "Read Only" calendar. This means that it will only be able to pull events from PracticePanther to view here. Events added here will not move to PracticePanther. 

Now you can keep track of every event in your personal and PracticePanther calendar in one place!


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