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Troubleshooting Calendar events that are not syncing.
Troubleshooting Calendar events that are not syncing.

Fixing calendar events that are not syncing.

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If after 24hrs of synchronizing to PracticePanther, events are not syncing between your accounts, please follow these steps based on the calendar integration method you use:

1) Cancel the Google Calendar sync in PracticePanther, here.

2) Click here to Allow Less Secure Apps.

3) Authorize PracticePanther to access your Google Account here, then click continue.

4) Re-enable Google calendar sync by clicking Activate Sync for Google on this page.


1) On this page, turn off your Exchange calendar sync.

2) Re-enable Exchange calendar sync and enter your credentials.
3) Click "Save".

4) Wait 2-3hrs. If syncing does not work, click here to force a sync.

If calendar events still do not sync over after 24hrs of following this guide, please contact our tech support team.


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