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Syncing your PracticePanther calendar with your Google Calendar
Syncing your PracticePanther calendar with your Google Calendar

Everything you need to know about Google Calendar sync.

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Calendar integration will allow you to automatically share PracticePanther events to and from the "PracticePanther" calendar our sync creates on Google Calendar. 

Please watch this video or follow the steps below to sync with Google Calendar:

Below you will find a start to finish tutorial covering everything you will need to know regarding calendaring in PracticePanther. Jump to the topic of interest by clicking on a title in the index below.


Sync your calendar with Google

1) Navigate to "Settings".

3) Click "Activate Sync".

4) After selecting the account you'd like to sync, click "Allow".

5) Set the desired options.

Note: Make sure the event settings are marked "Yes" for the sync to work. 

6) Click "Save".

What happens now?

Once the calendar is synced, you will be able to create events in PracticePanther and they will automatically sync to Google calendar within a few minutes.

What does the sync look like in Google calendar?

A "PracticePanther" calendar will appear under "My Calendars".

Note: This is the only calendar in Google that is talking with PracticePanther. Events from PracticePanther will appear on this calendar, and events on this calendar will get pushed to PracticePanther.

If you want a new event in Google to get synced over to PracticePanther, simply select the "PracticePanther" calendar before saving the event. New events made in Google may take up to an hour to pull into PracticePanther.

Note: The Google Calendar sync is a two-way sync. If events are edited or deleted on either PracticePanther or Google, those changes will be reflected on the other end as well.

Do existing events on my original calendar sync to PracticePanther?

Existing events will not be automatically moved into PracticePanther. However, you can easily import events into the PracticePanther calendar so that they appear back in PracticePanther.

To import existing events in your calendar to PracticePanther, follow the steps below:

1) In Google calendar, click the gear on the top right and then click "Settings".

2) Click "Import & Export".

3) Click "Export".

4) In the "Downloads" folder on your computer, right click on the iCal Zip Folder created from the export. If you use Mac, click "Open", and if you use PC, click "Extract All". A new regular folder with the same name will appear.

5) Back in the Google Calendar settings page, click "Select file from your computer".

6) Open the folder you just extracted, select the calendar you'd like to import into PracticePanther, and then click "Open".

7) Click "Add to Calendar", select the "PracticePanther" folder and then click "Import".

What happens now?

Your events will be placed in the "PracticePanther" calendar. The next time the calendar syncs (within about an hour), you'll begin to see the events pour into PracticePanther over time. The activities page is the best place to track the progress of this event import.


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