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Using Intake Forms

Getting your intake form filled out.

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After you've created your Intake Template, the next step would be to get it filled out by you or your client to create a new Intake.

To create a new client intake form, follow the steps below:

1) Click on "Automation", and then click "Intake Forms".

2) Click "New Intake".

3) Select the desired intake form template, then click "Continue".

Note: Make sure that you do not select a contact or matter if you're not updating a client's information with this form.

4) Now you or your client can fill out the form! 

Note: PracticePanther's Intake Forms are responsive. They can be filled out on mobile devices, like iPhone, iPads, or Android devices.

5) Click the box next to "I'm not a robot", pass the CAPTCHA test, and click "Save".

Note: The CAPTCHA test exists to prevent bots from automatically filling out your intake form and spamming your PracticePanther.

What Happens Now?

When a form is submitted, you'll receive a notification, via PracticePanther, that an intake form has been logged successfully!

Additionally, if you have set the intake form template to email the user, when an intake form is submitted, you'll receive an email to the user's email addressed that is assigned to the intake form.

What if my intake form template is set to create new contacts?

When you set your intake form template to create a contact/matter, and the form has been successfully filled and submitted, your intake form will create a new contact/matter under the tag by the name of the intake form used, as shown below.

What if my intake form template is set to create a follow up task?

When you set your intake form template to create follow up task, a new task will be created for you 2 days after the intake form has been submitted. You can view your recently created activities by clicking here.

What happens now?

If your client, John Doe, fills out a form on July 12 2016, PracticePanther will create a new task due on July 14 2016, for the user, as shown below.


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