You can easily transfer money between accounts, as long as they belong to the same contact. 

To transfer money from the operating to the trust account, watch this video or follow the steps bellow:

1) Click on the white "New" button at the top of the page (or on the green "New" button if you're in a contact or a matter), and select "Payment". 

2) Select the contact and or matter whose money you're looking to transfer (skip this step if you used the green "New" button, as the contact and or matter will already be assigned). 

3) Click "Transfer Funds". 

Note: This option will only appear if there are existing funds within the contact or matter.

4) Select the source matter, and the source account (Transfer From). Then choose the destination matter, and the destination account (Transfer To).

5) Specify the amount to be tansferred, and click "Transfer". 

What happens now?

The transferred amount has been deducted from your client's operating account (red), and deposited into the operating account (green). 

Pro Tip: To use the "Unapplied Amount" to pay an invoice, hover over the payment with your mouse, and select "Pay Invoice" in the menu that pops up right under it.


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