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Importing your contacts and matters from another software.
Importing your contacts and matters from another software.

How to import contacts and matters from another software?

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Migrating your data into PracticePanther is very easy to do if you follow our steps. Before you start with importing your data, it's highly recommended to:

  1. Keep all old clients, time entries, expenses and other data in your old system or on a spreadsheet. Any new matters and contacts that you're working on, should go into PracticePanther.

  2. Pick a hard deadline date to switch over which is when you will generate all invoices in your old software.

Getting Started

Now you're ready to start importing your contacts and matters to PracticePanther! 

Follow the steps below to successfully upload your contacts and matters to your PracticePanther account:

Optional: Add any custom fields for your Contacts or Matters that you want to include in your import CSV file template.

1) Navigate to your contacts or matter page, and click "Import".

2) Click "download a template".

3) Copy the data from your current software (or paste it into the appropriate columns in the PracticePanther spreadsheet that you downloaded.)

Note: In order for the import to work, make sure each cell has the proper information on them for the column. For example, in the phone number column, only use numbers.

4) When finished, save your data as a CSV file.

5) Back on PracticePanther, click on the contacts tab, then click on "Import", and then "Select File" and choose your saved CSV file. Then click "Upload File".

6) Now that you've uploaded your CSV file, you need to double check your imported data to make sure they are linked to the correct PracticePanther columns. If any are incorrectly linked, change them to the correct column.

Optional: If you'd like assistance from our Migration team, leave "Send Status Update to Tech Support?" set to "Yes". If this is left on "No", we will have no way of assisting you during the process.

7) Click "Start Import".

What happens now?

After you click 'Start Import', in the Review Import page, you'll receive a confirmation that PracticePanther has begun to import your contacts and matters in the background for you.

Note: The upload time varies on how many contacts and matters you're uploading. It could take up to 24 hours. Within one hour, you should start seeing your contacts and/or matters showing up.

When the import finishes, you'll receive an email with a status report letting you know the import was either successful, or if all or some contacts and matters encountered any errors. 

Attached you'll be able to see and download excel sheets detailing import information including any encountered errors for each row. If you had any errors, just download the Import_Error spreadsheet in your email, fix the errors, and re-upload only that spreadsheet as everything else was successful.


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