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Notifications and Chat Tutorial
Notifications and Chat Tutorial

Manage your notifications and live chat with PracticePanther.

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Notifications are an excellent way to see when your clients are using the client portal to view invoices or when they make payments. The chat allows you to chat with others in your office as well as our staff!

Please note that all of the features described here are available on all of our subscription plans. To learn more, please click here.

1. Receive Notifications of Client Portal Activity

Whenever the client portal is used by one of your clients, you will be notified of their activity via the notification icon at the top of the screen. You can view all recent activities by clicking the icon.

2. Receive Live Notifications

When creating a Matter, Contact, Event, or Payment, you will receive a notification whenever an update is made. You can turn this feature off by clicking the 'Follow' button on the top of the page for that Matter, Contact, Event, or Payment.

3. Daily Agenda Notifications

You can choose to turn on Daily Agenda Notifications that will be sent to your email each morning, letting you know what tasks and event you have scheduled for the day as well as any overdue tasks.

To turn these notifications on and off, simply go to your 'Settings' page and toggle the slider next to 'Receive daily agenda email?' to either 'Yes' or 'No'.

4. Chat with other Users within your company

Our Software supports an office chat feature with all users in the company's account. Just click the chat box in the lower-right hand corner to bring up a list of Users to chat with via instant message.

Next to their name will be a circle and depending on the color of the circle it will indicate if the user is currently offline or not.

Green: Online
Grey: Offline 

You can turn the chat feature off in your Settings by going to the 'Company Settings' tab and moving the slider next to the 'Use Chat?' option to 'No'. This will deactivate the chat and remove it from the screen. Note: Each User can control whether or not they want to have the chat feature activated.


Want to learn how to received notifications to contact and matters you are not assigned to? Simply click here to find out more.

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