1. On the top right side of the screen, you will see an envelope icon, click on it.

2) Click on "New Secure Message".

3) Enter information into the fields and click send.
Pro-Tip: This is an excellent way to share documents directly with your client over the portal!

What happens now?

Your contact will receive an email notification indicating that they have a new message on their client portal. The email will not reveal any details of the message and require them to log-in to their portal to view!

You can also add new participants to an existing secure message thread. To do this, simply open the message, then click "Add Participants".

Then select the participants (other users or related contacts) you'd like to add to this conversation. Then click "Save". 

This will add the additional participants and they will be able to read the history of the conversation up until that point to quickly get caught up!


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