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Sending a Secure Encrypted Message to your Attorney.
Sending a Secure Encrypted Message to your Attorney.

Send a secure encrypted message to your attorney.

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To send a secure message directly to your attorney, please follow these simple steps:

1) Once you're logged on to the portal, click the "Secure Messages" tab.

2) Click "New Secure Message".

3) If you have multiple matters with your attorney, be sure to select which matter this message is in reference to.

4) Important: Be sure to click the "To" field and select the attorney you wish to send this message to.

5) Fill out the subject and body of the message.

6) If you need to send a file, click the "Select Files" button and attach any document on your computer.

7) Click "Send".

What happens now?

If you open the secure message, you will see the thread of replies that follow. You can see if your attorney has received the message as signified by the green check mark that will appear next to their name.


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