Make it easier for clients to pay you online! 

Below you will find a start to finish tutorial covering everything needed to start using LawPay in conjunction with PracticePanther. Jump to the topic of interest by clicking on a title in the index below. 


  1. Integrate with your LawPay account with PracticePanther.

  2. Allow invoices to be paid online.

  3. Charge a card directly or send payment request emails to your clients.

  4. Save a credit card on file via LawPay.

  5. Payment Plans for recurring billing.

  6. Add your LawPay payment page to your website.

Integrate with your LawPay account with PracticePanther

To setup LawPay, follow these simple steps:

1) In PracticePanther, click on your name at the top right of the screen and then select "Settings".

2) From the settings menu on the left, select "Accept Credit Card Payments", or click here.

3) Next, if you do not already have a LawPay account, click the green "Sign Up" button seen below. Fill out the application as instructed. 

If you do have a LawPay account already, click the blue "Click here" link found on the bottom to connect your existing account.

This will redirect you to LawPay, where you will need to log in and authorize PracticePanther to access your LawPay account.

You will then be redirected back to PracticePanther to link your LawPay Merchant and ACH accounts to your trust and operating accounts in PracticePanther.

Allow invoices to be paid online

Edit or create a new invoice and make sure the online payments options are selected before you Save.

You can also click 'Click here to change the default options' of the payment options to make sure new invoices created are set to accept payments online using your integrated payment processor.

When paying an invoice or retainer payment request, clients will be given a drop down option to select which method they'd like to pay. They can choose between "Credit Card" or "Electronic Check" as seen below.

Choosing "Electronic Check" will allow your client to enter their bank account number and routing number to make a direct payment from their bank to yours!

Charge a card directly or send payment request emails to your clients

After you integrate LawPay with PracticePanther, click "New Payment" from any contact or matter. 

Next, you can "Charge a Card" in person or one you stored on file, or "Request a Payment" via email to email a link for your client to pay retainers on their own time. For more info on requesting a payment, click here!

Save a credit card on file via LawPay

Store a credit card on file via LawPay so you can charge it manually or automatically with a Payment Plan.

Click here to review how to save a Payment Method.

Payment Plans for Recurring Billing

The new Payment Plan feature allows the firm to begin automatically receiving online payments either until a certain agreed upon date or agreed upon dollar amount has been paid. 

Click here to learn how to setup your first Payment Plan!

Add your LawPay payment page to your website

Offer your clients an easy and consistent way to pay you by adding a payment button to your website. It is a great way for your clients to easily and quickly run their own payments while driving traffic to your website!

Click here to learn how!


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