Note: the feature presented below is available within all of our subscription plans. To learn more about our plans, please click here.

  1. Select 'New Invoice' from the Dashboard or under the '+New' tab at the top of the page. Note: Click here to learn all about invoicing.

2) Select the type of invoice you'd like to create

3) Then fill out your invoice as needed and select a customized tax amount to add to any Time Entry, Expense, or Flat Fee. You can add two separate tax values for each Time Entry, Expense, or Flat Fee. Note: Learn how to make a custom tax by clicking here.

4) Your tax will be automatically added when you send out your invoice, and this is reflected in the body of the email template your client receives.

5) You can do this with invoices you've already created as well. Just click 'Edit' on the invoice and follow step 3.


Learn more about exporting taxes from your invoices by clicking here.

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