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Fixing an invalid username/password error for LabelSync with Gmail
Fixing an invalid username/password error for LabelSync with Gmail

What to do when invalid username or password shows error while trying to setup your LabelSync.

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What to do if you keep getting an IMAP error when Integrating your Gmail.

If you're attempting to set up your Gmail integration with our software, but are receiving the message "Error connecting to IMAP server: invalid username/password" and you've ensured both username and password are correct, there is a simple solution to get your email synced.

1) Go to your Google Account Settings.
2) Log onto your Gmail account that you used to sign up for the software, click on your picture in the upper-right, and select 'My Account'.

3) Then select the 'Sign-in & Security' option.

4) Activate 2-Step Verification.
5) Turn on '2-Step Verification' and then click 'Get Started' on the next page.

6) Add your phone number so Google can send you a secure text message code to finalize your 2-step verification.

7) Add an App Password.
8) Return to the 'Sign in & security' page of your Google account and select the 'App passwords' button.

9) You will then be prompted to generate a unique password for the software. After clicking 'Generate' a 16 character password.

10) Enter the Password into your Email Integration page.

What happens now?

After you've gotten the secure password, you can use it to replace your normal password in the software's Email Integration page.


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