Evergreen Retainer Tutorial

How to setup notification you when the retainer is low?

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The Evergreen Retainer is an excellent tool to help lawyers make sure they never accidentally work more than what’s available in the trust account by notifying you once you've fallen below the set minimum amount in your trust account.

To use the Evergreen Retainer, please follow the steps below:

1) Create/edit a matter.

2) Toggle the "Evergreen Retainer" from "No" to "Yes".

3) A new line titled "Evergreen Amount" will appear. Type the amount of dollars that you would like to have minimum at all times in your trust account.

4) Click "Save".

What happens now?

When your records in PracticePanther show that your trust account has less than the "Evergreen Amount", you will be reminded by a red popup to replenish your account balance before doing more work. This red popup will appear on the matter's financial summary, as well as when adding expenses or time entries.


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