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Relationships Tutorial

Using a relationship to connect a contact to a matter.

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Required Plan: This feature appears on all of our available plans! Click here to read more on the plans we offer.

You can link an existing contact in the software to a project to describe how that client is related to that project. Our relationship feature allows you to do this very easily, ensuring that these relationships also appear in conflict checks. For more information on conflict checks, click here.

For more advanced relationships, we do recommend using our contact custom fields.

Using contact custom fields instead of the native relationships tab come with two added benefits:

  1. You can send invoices to additional contacts linked this way. 

  2. You can pull information from a linked contact onto a document template that's applied to your primary contact. For more information on document templates, click here. 

For more information on setting up contact custom fields, click here

To build a relationship, watch this video or follow the steps below:

1) To create a relationship, go to the "Relationships" tab, in a contact or matter. 

2) Select the contact you're looking to link, define the type of relationship, and click Save". 

What happens now? 

You can see exactly which other contacts are linked to your matter in the relationships tab. 

When performing a conflict check, your relationship will also appear. 


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