You can create intake forms that will update contact and matter information that already exist in PracticePanther.

Follow these steps to update an existing contact and/or matter with new information using intake forms:

1) Navigate to the Intake Form page. 

2) Click on the "View All Templates" option.

3) Select the form you want to edit and click "Edit".

4) Click "Save" in order to move to the "Link Your Fields" page.

5) On the "Link Your Fields" page, under the "Advanced Options" section, enable the update options according to your needs: 

6) Click "Link Fields".

7) Once completed, click "New Intake" in the Intake Form page.

8) Select the intake form to use for updating the contact/matter.

9) Select a pre-existing contact and/or matter to update and complete the form.

10) If you will be sending this link to your client, you will copy the link in the "Share" section and paste that into an email that you will send to your client. If the form will be completed in person, click "Continue".

What happens now?

This special link is created specifically for the selected contact and/or matter. When your client completes and submits this form, it will automatically update their information back in PracticePanther.


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