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Applying a dollar discount on an invoice
Applying a dollar discount on an invoice

Write off an invoice by adding a write off item on the invoice.

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Note: the feature listed under this article is available on all of our paid subscription plans. To learn more please click here.  

Please watch this video or follow the steps below:

1) When creating/editing an invoice, click Add Line and you can choose any option. 

2) Name the item "Discount", "Waive", or "Write-off" (or anything else you like).

3) In the Price column, add the total amount of the discount/write-off (for example, $100).

4) IMPORTANT - Make the Quantity column -1 (must be a negative quantity).

What happens now?

PracticePanther will subtract money from the total in the invoice.

This negative amount is necessary for accurate Quickbooks accounting and proper sync purposes.


To learn how to write off an invoice, click here.

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