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How do I send invoices in batch?

Sending multiple invoice emails to different clients at once.

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As with many of our options in PracticePanther, you can choose to send invoice emails to your clients individually, or you can save time by sending them out in batches!

To send invoice emails in batch, please follow the steps below:

1) Open the "Invoices" page.

2) Click the checkbox at the top left of the list to select all invoices.

Pro Tip: You can individually click the checkboxes next to each invoice instead if you want to only send certain invoices.

3) Click the "# items selected" menu above the checkboxes.

4) Click "Send".

What happens now?

All invoices that were selected will now be sent to your clients. If you wish to work in a new tab in the meantime, simply click "Keep working in a new tab".

Note: All selected invoices are sent in emails to the email address associated with the primary contact assigned to their respective invoices.


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