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Can I schedule a one-time payment using PantherPayments?
Can I schedule a one-time payment using PantherPayments?

Scheduling a 1-off payment in the future in advance using Payment Plans with PantherPayments.

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In addition to setting up recurring payment plans, you can also schedule a one-time payment in advance using PantherPayments!

To schedule a single payment in advance using PantherPayments, please follow these steps:

1. Create a new payment plan from the "Payment Plans" page and select a contact, or create the payment plan from the desired contact or matter.

2. Enter the "Description" as desired, and set the "First Date" to the date you would like the payment to occur.

3. Enter the same amount for the "Total To Pay" and the "Amount Per Payment".

Note: You should see "1 installment" next to "Installments".

4. Choose the "Payment Method" and "Bank Account" and save the payment plan.

Note: The "Create Invoices" option changes how the funds collected will be used. If you are collecting retainer, set the option to "No". If you want the funds to go to your operating account and automatically collected as income, set the option to "Yes".

What happens now?

A single payment will be scheduled in the future on the date you entered as the "First Date", and automatically charge them on that date.


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