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How can I tell if my client has viewed an invoice?
How can I tell if my client has viewed an invoice?

Notifications and filters to find all invoices seen by clients.

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When you send an invoice to a client in PracticePanther, you will receive an alert once it has been opened and viewed by the client. You can also filter your Invoices list to easily find all invoices that have been seen by clients.

When a client opens an invoice, you will instantly receive a notification at the top right of your screen in PracticePanther letting you know they have viewed it:

If you're away when they view the invoice, you can always click the globe icon to view any missed notifications and see which invoices have been viewed and more!

To view invoices specifically viewed by clients, follow the steps below:

1. Open the "Invoices" page.

2. Set the "Status" filter to "Viewed".

Note: You can also apply this "Status" filter in the "Invoices" page of a specific contact or matter.

What happens now?

Your Invoices page will now be filtered to display only those invoices that have already been opened and viewed by clients.


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