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Using the Client Portal to Communicate with your Attorney
Using the Client Portal to Communicate with your Attorney

Instructions for your clients to access their Client Portal.

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Follow these steps in order to access the client portal:

  1. Make sure to bookmark the login page from the email that you got from your lawyer.

This will allow you to come back and login at any time.

2) To access your settings page simply click on your name in the top right of your screen and select "Settings." 

This is where you can change your password, set your timezone and even turn on a two-factor authentication. 

3) To directly message your attorney, simply click on the envelope on the top right of your screen and then select the green "New Secure Message" button on the top right hand side as well.

4) When you are assigned a task, make sure you are back in the “Home" screen by clicking on the top left hand corner logo. Then you can directly message the attorney from an assigned task to auto fill the subject of the message with the title of the task.

5) When you finish a task, you can click on the "Mark As Completed" to let your attorney know that you are done. You can always change it back by selecting the "Mark Incomplete".

6) When you are assigned an event, you can see the event as well in the activities tab as well.

7) You will able to see all invoices for your cases under the "Invoices" tab.

8) Any files that you want to share back and forth with your attorney can be done through directly from your client portal under the "Files" tab.

Note: This files tab will only appear if your attorney is synced with 

If you need any additional assistance, please contact your attorney.


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