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Easily import all of your matters, deposits, and payments data from PracticePanther into TrustBooks with a click of a button. And don’t worry, TrustBooks automatically syncs information from your PracticePanther account daily, so you’re always viewing the most up-to-date information, and you can also push manual syncs if you need more frequent alignment of your data.

  1. Sign into TrustBooks and from your Dashboard, select MISCELLANEOUS

2. From here, select Manage Integrations, then select Sync Practice Management Software.

3. This will open the Link Services page. Choose PracticePanther from the drop down and click Sync

4. Fill in your PracticePanther login information and click to Login.

5. From here, select the green Grant Access button

6. Select the PracticePanther Bank Account from the drop down that you wish to link to your TrustBooks Banks Account. Then select the Import From Date you would like to start importing from.

7. Lastly, click Link Accounts

What happens now?

The integration is automatic so there is nothing you need to do now, but if you want to push a sync you can do so under Matters, Deposits, or Payments by clicking through the Import PracticePanther links that are now available in each section of TrustBooks.

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