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Export Custom Fields into LEDES Invoices
Export Custom Fields into LEDES Invoices
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PracticePanther allows you to customize each LEDES invoice with any information from within a contact or matter using custom fields. This allows you to setup any special information your LEDES software requires onto your contact or matter once, saving you hours of time from having to update each LEDES file manually before uploading to your LEDES software.

In order to use custom fields in your LEDES invoices, follow these simple steps:

1) Ensure that you have LEDES enabled in your settings here.

2) When creating or editing custom fields here, you will see a new field "Export to LEDES". Enable this field for any custom information you want to populate into your LEDES invoice files.

3) Make sure you have the field filled out with information within the corresponding contact or matter for the LEDES invoice you want to download.

What happens now?

When you download the LEDES invoice text file, you will see each of your specified custom field labels listed at the top of the file, separated by brackets. In the example below, "DOB" is the custom field that was set to export.

Below you will see the information belonging to this field, "10/1/2001", lined up with the other invoice information provided normally.


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