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This tutorial covers the various features located on your dashboard so that you can work smarter, not harder!

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The Dashboard is easily the most addictive page on PracticePanther. It provides summaries on many important aspects of your firm.

Please watch this video or follow the steps below:

  1. This is your firm's financial summary. All bubbles show you what's going on with your firm in real time right now. Adjusting the date range field provided will only change the "Paid" bubble to show what your firm received in operating during that time period. 

2) The "Quick Create" section allows you to easily learn about and use all the basic features PracticePanther has to offer in one location. We recommend starting by creating a contact and a matter.

3) As you use PracticePanther, you may find the white "New" button on the top of the page a bit more handy than the "Quick Create" section. This button is found at the same place on every page of the software, and can create all the same items as "Quick Create", and more!

4) Scroll down to see "Your Hours" for today, this week, this month and even this year. This will be a summary of your total hours from time entries assigned to your user.

5) "Recent Activity" will show you literally all activity going on across all the contacts and matters you have on PracticePanther. This is the first section you'll want to review if you haven't logged in for a bit. 

Note: The date range mentioned at the top of the page will also affect what is shown in "Recent Activity".

6) In the dark blue bar on top, you have a search bar. Typing in the name of a contact or matter you have in mind into this search bar is the fastest way to jump to any specific contact or matter from any page of PracticePanther. For more information on running conflict checks using this search bar, click here.

7) To the right of the search bar is the navigation bar. These buttons will take you to the different pages on PracticePanther. These pages are the birds eye view for the entire firm. Example: To see all contacts for the entire firm, click "Contacts". For all matters, click "Matters" etc...

8) The "Automation" drop-down contains all of our automation features, including document templates, workflows, intake forms, and payment plans.

Note: To use our Payment Plans feature, you must be integrated with LawPay. For more information, click here.

9) The "More" section contains additional bird's eye view pages, as well as bank account control, user management, and an extensive reports section.

10) Click your name on the top right from any page to access your settings or subscription pages, or to log out.

11) Click the mail icon to access all your user's "Secure Messages" between you and your clients via the client portal.

12) Click on the globe icon to view all your most recent notifications. Click "Manage Notifications" on the bottom to only be notified about the types of updates you're most interested in.

13) Click on the question mark to open the "Support" tab anytime you have questions. "FAQs and Tutorials" will take you to our "Help Center" which will provide you with many articles and videos to best assist you right away. If you want to see a list of our latest features, click "New Features". You can also click "Schedule a Training" to view the Training calendar and schedule any training as needed.

14) Click on the "Privacy" button to hide the financial summaries for the entire software for any nosy clients or colleagues looking over your shoulder.

15) Click the double arrows on the far right to show or hide the sidebar. The sidebar also follows you around the system on every page if shown.

16) This is what the financial summary looks like when the "Privacy" button is in use.

17) The side bar is a very versatile tool. It contains a quick access timer and the ability to run multiple timers as well. To learn more about this feature, click here.

Please note that the use of multiple timers and creating multiple time entries is available only on both our Essential & Business plans. To learn more about our plans, simply click here.

18) Below the timer, you'll have a peek at your calendar. The blue bubble signifies today's date. The small blue dots indicate an event is listed on that day. Click on any day to jump to it in your calendar page.

19) "Your Agenda" shows you all tasks that are currently overdue, and due later this week across all your matters.

19) On the bottom, "Recent" shows you the most recent contacts and matters your browser has accessed. 

20) Click on the round blue bubble on the bottom right of your screen to contact our support team anytime you have questions.

21) Click on the blue bar on the bottom right corner to reveal your firm's chat list.

22) This chat list reveals all users in your firm. If they're online, the grey circle will appear as green instead. You can message any user, even if they're offline, at any time.


Interested on how to find and go to your own personal dashboard page on PracticePanther? Simply click here to find out more.

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