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Sending emails to PracticePanther with MailSync
Sending emails to PracticePanther with MailSync

Using MailSync to send emails to PracticePanther.

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Mailsync is the fastest way to store your emails directly in their respective contacts or matters in PracticePanther. It works through mail forwarding- in other words: every contact, and every matter have their own unique email (forwarding) address. 

Please watch this video or follow the steps below:

1) To find the Mailsync address for a contact or a matter, navigate to the activities tab in a contact or matter, and click on the "Mailsync" button. 

A window will then pop up, displaying the unique email address for the contact/matter. 

2) Copy this email address, and paste it in the "To" or "Bcc" field, when sending an email. However, if you enable the Calendar, tasks & contacts sync, PracticePanther will also transfer over all the Mailsync addresses. This way you don't have to go back to PracticePanther each time you're sending out an email, to check for the Mailsync address. 

For more information on our calendar, tasks & contacts sync click here (for Gmail), and click here (for Outlook, Exchange and Office 365). 

Disclaimer: Outlook will not auto complete the mail sync address. 

What happens now? 

After sending the email to the Mailsync address, it will appear in your activities tab (in the contact/matter it was sent to). You can even log a time entry for the email, by hovering over it with your mouse, and selecting "log time". 

If you want to see which emails have time logged, you can enable the "Time Logged" column by clicking on "Choose Columns". 

Note: PracticePanther will only accept emails from your PracticePanther login email address on file. If you would like to send emails to PracticePanther using Mailsync from other addresses inbox's, navigate to settings, scroll down to Integrations, and under 'Email' and 'Other Providers', add any additional email addresses you'd like to use, then click save.


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