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Paying an invoice

Applying a payment to an invoice to clear its balance.

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Please watch this video or follow the steps below:

1) Click on "New", and select "Payment".

2) Select the contact and the matter, and hit "Next". 

3) Select "Pay an Invoice", and choose "Add a Payment". If you have our integration with LawPay enabled, you can charge a credit card directly in PracticePanther. 

4) Specify the payment method, and add the necessary notes (you can add a check number in the "Notes" field). 

5) Scroll down and specify the amounts to be applied to the specific invoices. Then hit "Pay Invoice(s)".

What happens now?

The payment will be applied to your invoice(s). If you would like to print the payment information, find and open the payment (through the payments tab).

Click on "Print".


To learn how to apply a retainer payment on an invoice, click here.

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