You can transfer all of your personal events from your Outlook Calendar, to your PracticePanther calendar. To do this, please watch this video or follow the steps below:

First you need to export your (old) personal calendar.

1) Click "File", and select “Open & Export”.

2) Select "Import/Export".

3) Export your calendar to a file, and hit “Next”.

4) Select “Comma Separated Values”, and hit “Next”.

5) Select the Calendar that you’re looking to export (your personal calendar), and hit “Next”.

6) Select a destination to save your file, and finish/save. 

7) Set your date range of the files you would like to export.

Now to import your personal calendar into the PracticePanther calendar: 

1) Click "File", and select “Open & Export”.

2) Select "Import/Export".

3) Select “Import from another program or file".

4) Select “Comma Separated Values", and hit “Next”. 

5) Select the file you just exported from your personal calendar, and hit “Next”.

6) Hit “Finish”. 

What Happens now? 

Every calendar activity scheduled in the PracticePanther calendar will automatically sync with PracticePanther, and vice versa. 

Note: Events created in Outlook can take up to 30 minutes to pull into PracticePanther. Events created in PracticePanther will sync to Outlook within a couple minutes.


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